Several job opportunities at LANL and PPPL

There are currently several job opportunities at various institutions. Our members have asked to advertise jobs at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL), where there are several job openings ranging from post-doc to several scientist levels for experimental, computational as well as theoretical plasma physicists. At the same time Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) is looking for a post-doc in experimental plasma physics using x-rays post-doc … Continue reading Several job opportunities at LANL and PPPL

Jill Hruby Fellowship

Sandia National Laboratory is now accepting applications for the 2019 Jill Hruby Fellowship in National Security Science and Engineering (see link). The Hruby Fellowship is one of Sandia National Laboratories’ most prestigious postdoctoral fellowships. This fellowship aims to develop women in the engineering and science fields who are interested in technical leadership careers in national security. Jill Hruby is the first woman to have been … Continue reading Jill Hruby Fellowship

Tenure track faculty job at University of San Diego

The Department of Physics and Biophysics at the University of San Diego invites applications for a tenure-track Clare Boothe Luce assistant professorship. This prestigious position, a result of an award from the Henry Luce Foundation, includes exceptional career development support along with a competitive salary and a generous start-up package. The award terms limit the position to female candidates who have a doctorate in physics … Continue reading Tenure track faculty job at University of San Diego

Lecturer in theoretical plasma physics at Imperial College, London

The Department of Physics, wishes to appoint a Lecturer in the Plasma Physics Group, in the area of theoretical plasma physics. The appointee will be part of the Plasma Physics Group. The Group comprises 10 academic staff with expertise in the following areas: high energy density plasmas; inertial confinement fusion; MHD plasma modelling; fundamental plasma processes such as reconnection, turbulence and shocks; laser-plasma interactions including … Continue reading Lecturer in theoretical plasma physics at Imperial College, London

Expanding your Horizons – San Diego

Each year, during expanding your Horizons in San Diego, a group of scientists introduces middle school girls to the fascinating world of plasma physics. As has been a tradition for multiple years, a team of plasma scientists will be present to introduce girls to the “exotic plasmas of the universe”. The workshop explores plasmas through hands-on experiences. What follows is an account of the workshop … Continue reading Expanding your Horizons – San Diego

APS DPP Fellowship nominations

Each year the APS DPP seeks nominations for APS Fellowship. This year the vice-chair for the APS DPP and chair of the fellowship committee, Prof. Ellen Zweibel, would like to share a message on how to initiate the process for nomination for a fellowship through APS-DPP. Below you can find the link to the letter she is sharing with the APS DPP community on how … Continue reading APS DPP Fellowship nominations